Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone cover

ISBN: 978-1-940730-01-1 (ePub)
ISBN: 978-1-940730-02-8 (Kindle)

The king’s champion, Harald Aldred’s Son, is sent to a strange and terrifying universe on a quest to save his world. Dragons are one thing; 18-wheelers are something else entirely.

Shayna MacAvoy is trying to sort out her feelings about the sort-of proposal she’s recently received when a bleeding man in black chainmail falls at her feet. The first aid she provides him becomes only the first step on a journey that will take them deep into the mysteries of magic, love, and honor.

Harald’s quest takes them across the farms, forests, mountains, and ancient lava flow deserts of Idaho on his search for the stolen Heart of Stone…


Heart of Stone is an urban fantasy romance with alternate worlds, magic and monsters. It’s about 75,000 words and the various e-book formats sell for $3.99.

Review by M.K. Finnell

I enjoyed this book and its premise was fun. The romance between Shauna, a shy hospital lab tech, and the literal knight, Harald, who falls wounded at her feet from another world is well crafted and tender.

The obstacles at times seem a bit too easy to overcome, but true love and magic seem to conquer all as the pair go questing for Harald’ s king’ s stolen heart. Yeah, it’s weird, but it’s well done and a fun read.

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